CELS2 Distinguished Plenary Speaker:

Dr. Kazem Lotfipour Saedi

Professor Emeritus of Tabriz University


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Professor Dr. Kazem Lotfipour Saedi is an Emeritus prominent professor i n applied linguistics and particularly discourse analysis. He holds his B.A from   Tabriz University, his MA and PhD in applied linguistics from Lancaster University, U K.  He was a student of Halliday and is known as the Iranian Halliday. He has been respe cted by all his colleagues and students as the best professor of linguistics in Iran. He he ld a number of conferences on Translation in Tabriz University and all conferences were the most successful ones. Many seminal books, articles, and lectures ar e the fruits of his research and teaching career in these fields. He has taught in universities in Iran, Australia, Japan and Canada. Kazem Lotfipour-Saedi works as a Language Assessor at the National Capital Region YM- YWCA: Language Assessment and Resource Centre.

طراحی و اجرا: اداره فناوری اطلاعات دانشگاه شهید مدنی آذربایجان