CELS2 Distinguished Plenary Speaker:

Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Alavi

Professor, University of Tehran


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Professor  Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Alavi is a prominent Iranian applied linguist widely recognized in studying, teaching and researching English as a foreign language. He is a full professor of English department at Tehran University. During his professional career in applied linguistics, language teaching, language testing and assessment, he has trained many applied linguists and university lecturers. He has published many books & articles in the international high prestigious journals on the subjects of linguistics and language studies.


Selected Publications

  • Mirhasani, A. & Alavi, S. M. (2004). CRS - Communicative Reading Skills . Tehran: Zabankadeh.
  • Salmani Nodoushan , M. A. , & Alavi, S. M. (2004). APA style and research report writing. Tehran: Zabankadeh Publications.
  • Alavi, S. M. & Ganjabi, M. (2008). The relationship between metacognitive and cognitive strategies and reading comprehension in second language learning. New York: Nova publishers..
  • Birjandi , P., Alavi, S. M. & Salmani Nodoushan, M. A. (2010) . Advanced Writing. Tehran: Zabankadeh.

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