Introduction to the Special Section on Practitioner Research at CELS2


School teachers and language institute practitioners are on the forefronts of teaching English as a foreign language. Throughout thousands of English classes taught by them across the nation, Iranian EFL teachers are closely in touch with practical issues and concerns about learning English. However, the irony still goes on that most of the English teachers do not find their ideas, impressions and experiences appropriate for academic conferences on language teaching.

In an initiative plan aimed to encourage Iranian English teachers to be more conscious of the new trends and theoretical breakthroughs on English education, CELS2 scientific committee has devised a Special Section on Practitioner Research. English teachers at schools under the Ministry of Education as well as language institutes who have found themselves in the position to scrutinize a theoretical or practical issue of language learning in their classes are keenly invited to submit their research findings to our Special Section on Practitioner Research. The main purpose here is to make the space for teacher researches, exploratory practice and less rigorous classroom research to be shared with more theoretically-minded researchers. All those articles that do not meet the criterial sophistication or scholarship required for an academic article might be submitted to CELS2 Special Section on Practitioner Research. The main purpose here is to provide a forum for frontline educators in language teaching to join the club in sharing their impressions and experiences with each other and with the researchers in applied linguistics and language teaching. Register as a practitioner researcher, and submit your abstract and article to CELS2 Special Section on Practitioner Research      

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