CELS2 Workshops Open for Registration

CELS2 Workshops


The CELS2 organizing committee has made arrangements for three workshops on the sidelines of the main sessions predominantly on topics of interest to Iranian graduate and postgraduate students of English as a Foreign Language. The organized workshops are expected to introduce EFL teachers to popular topics in the forefronts of the developments in teaching English as a foreign language.

                     •      The workshops will be held on Saturday, 8th of Ordibehesht, 1397, one day before                                 the  main CELS2 meeting.

                     •      The participation fee for each workshop is 300‚000 Rials which can be paid                                                through confrence’s Service Purchase System no later than 15th of Farvardin 1397.

                      •      The applications need to be sent to the conference secretariat through                                                     cels2conference@gmail.com after the payment is completed.

                     •      Certertificates of participation in workshops will be granted in the workshop                                         meetings.

The titles and brief synopsis of each of the three workshops are as follows:

           1.      Workshop1:   Information Technologies for Language studies: Satellite Events                                 by  University College of Nabi Akram

                                                      (One 2-hour session: 9-11 AM )  

                         By:         Dr. Mahmoud Shokrollahi-Far

                                         University College of Nabi Akram, Tabriz, Iran

                         Download full descriptions of workshop 1 Here (0.22MB)


           2.      Workshop2:   Lexical and Syntactic Complexity Analyzers

                                                      (One 2-hour session: 11-13 AM )  

                            By:         Dr. Reza Kalantari    

                                            Research Institute for Education, Tehran, Iran

                                            Dr. Javad Gholami         

                                           University of Urmia, Urmia, Iran

                         Download full descriptions of workshop 2   Here (0.11MB)


           3.      Workshop3:   Article Publication and Research Dissemination

                                                      (One 2-hour session: 2-4 PM )  

                            By:         Dr. Vahid Nimechi-Salem   

                                            University Putra Malaysia, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

                         Download full descriptions of workshop 3  Here (0.13MB)




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